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ShinaDT Company

ShinaDT Co. is engaged in the supply of all Iranian petrochemical products in foreign markets. Exports of Iranian petrochemical products include POLYMERS, CHEMICALS, FERTILIZERS, AROMATICS products. ShinaDT Co had export to China, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, Africa, and so on. Direct purchasing without intermediary of petrochemical products and petroleum products from Iranian sources with the aim of exporting to world markets. How Can ShinaDT Company Help You? Please informing about your using products, we’ll contact with you. We would like you to know that as per your order, get ready to do business with you our best quality service.

Our Values:

Be innovative
Establish trust
long term relationships with clients
Focus on sustainable organic growth
Value our employees
Understand the customers’ problem and do the best to solve it.

Our strengths:

We are vigorous team, full of enthusiasm. Our strengths:

Source high-quality

Competitively-priced chemicals

Recommend suitable replacement chemicals based on the forefront of market

Tailoring transport and delivery of shipments

Attention to customer and friendly working environment.


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