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Sodium fluorosilicate|Na2SiF6

Sodium Fluorosilicate, Na2SiF6 Sodium fluorosilicate, Na2SiF6, sodium hexane fluorosilicate is a chemical material. Sodium fluorosilicate appears white crystal, crystalline powder or colorless. Sodium silicofluoride, Na2SiF6 is odorless and tasteless. Sodium fluorosilicate (Na2SiF6); Contrary

Linear Alkyl Benzene| LAB| iran LAB

Linear Alkyl Benzene, LAB Linear alkyl benzene, LAB is used in the detergent industry to its proper degradation in the environment widely. Linear alkyl benzene, LAB is converted to sulfonic acid alkylbenzene acid  after sulphonation and is used as a detergent agent in liquid detergents and

Heavy Alkyl Benzene| HAB

Heavy Alkyl Benzene, HAB Heavy alkylate,HAB is a byproduct of linear alkyl benzoate production and is a combination of diphenyl alkanes and dialkyl benzenes. Due to its dielectric properties and high oxidation stability و it is widely used in the transformer oil industry, industrial lubricants,


Detergent Detergent is substances that remove off particles of grease and dirt from other fabrics, objects, cloths, body and use in industry .Detergent are made up of different types. Any substance that is used to clean the laundry is called detergent. There are different types of detergent used

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