Heavy Alkyl Benzene| HAB

Heavy Alkyl Benzene, HAB

Heavy alkylate,HAB is a byproduct of linear alkyl benzoate production and is a combination of diphenyl alkanes and dialkyl benzenes. Due to its dielectric properties and high oxidation stability و it is widely used in the transformer oil industry, industrial lubricants, diesel fuel additives and hot oils for heat transfer and is also used in industrial detergents. Heavy alkylate (HAB) also named as Heavy Alkylate.

Applications for alkyl benzene (HAB)

The Heavy alkyl benzene (HAB) is used in many cases, including:

   Hot oil used as a heating agent in industries that require temperatures below 250C.

   As an additive to diesel oils (of course after sulphonation).

   As transformer oil.

   Heat transfer fluids

    Sulfonic acids

    Lube additives, lube oils


    Refrigeration and compressor oils

    Metal forming lubricants / metal working fluids

    Lubricant component

    Dielectric oils

    Fat liquoring oils for the leather industry

    Plasticisers and extenders

    Hydraulic fluids, Octane number improvement additive.
    Textile auxiliaries.

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Packaging of alkyl benzene (HAB)

Heavy alkyl benzene (HAB) is a byproduct in the process of linear alkyl benzene (LAB) production. It is used as heat transfer oil and lubricating greases.

While HAB is non-flammable, it is combustible. When heated can give rise to explosive mixtures with the air.

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