Sodium fluorosilicate|Na2SiF6

Sodium Fluorosilicate, Na2SiF6

Sodium fluorosilicate, Na2SiF6, sodium hexane fluorosilicate is a chemical material. Sodium fluorosilicate appears white crystal, crystalline powder or colorless. Sodium silicofluoride, Na2SiF6 is odorless and tasteless.

Sodium fluorosilicate (Na2SiF6); Contrary to fluorosilicic acid, this substance is a dry, powdery or crystalline powder. First Sodium fluorosilicate must be dissolved in a liquid solution before being added to water. Also called sodium silicofluoride.

General Information Sodium fluorosilicate, Na2SiF6

Synonym: Sodium Fluorosilicate, Sodium Hex fluorosilicate, Sodium Fluosilicate, Sodium Hexafluosilicate

 Chemical formula: Na2SiF6

Molecular weight: 188.06

UN NO.: 2674 (Keep Away from Food)

Packing Group: III

CAS No.: 16893-85-9

DOT Transport Classification: Class 6.1

H.S NO.: 2826.2000

Application Sodium fluorosilicate

Sodium fluorosilicate used in the glass and opal industry, Opal and Glassware.

Sodium fluorosilicate have been used in the aluminum casting industry as a casting and electrode powder and powder coating as a coat for protecting wood as coagulant. Sodium fluorosilicate need in the production of insecticides and the pesticides industry as well as water fluoride.

Sodium fluorosilicate is used in the pharmaceutical industry, such as toothpaste and coagulant for latex.

Sodium fluorosilicate in glass industry

Sodium fluorosilicate provides a white coating to the glass and opens the glass to the opal glass. Sodium fluorosilicate is a replacement for the cry lite and is used in the aluminum industry and the production of welded wire in castings and castings and aluminum alloys. Sodium Fluorosilicate powder used in the mineral material binding with the water glass.

Feature Sodium fluorosilicate, Na2SiF6

Na2SiF6 is poisonous, toxic with stimulation effect on the respiratory organ. Sodium fluorosilicate, Na2SiF6 has moisture absorption capability. Sodium fluorosilicate is toxic by ingestion, inhalation and skin absorption.

Sodium fluorosilicate dissolved in a solvent as ethyl ether but it did not dissolve in alcohol .Sodium fluorosilicate has its water solubility In 25 degrees that means the water solubility increases slightly with increasing temperature.

When it breaks down in alkaline solution, produced the sodium fluoride and silica. Sodium fluorosilicate is a source of silica gel.

Sodium fluorosilicate, Na2SiF6 price

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Specification Sodium fluorosilicate, Na2SiF6


White crystalline powder


Loss of weight on drying at 105°C (wt %)

0.30 max

0.3 max

Iron (Fe) (wt %)

0.020 max

0.01 max

Chloride (Cl) (wt %)

0.15 max

0.10 max

Loss on heating (wt %)

0.20 max

0.20 max

Insoluble in Water (wt %)

0.4 max

0.20 max

Lead (Pb)

50 ppm max

10 ppm max

Sulphate (SO4) (wt %)

0.25 max

0.20 max


Screen Analysis

min through 40 mesh

98 %

99 %

max through 325 mesh

10 %

5 %

Production method for Feature Sodium fluorosilicate, Na2SiF6

You can make Sodium fluorosilicate by neutralizing fluorosilicic acid with sodium chloride or sodium sulfate

H2SiF6 + 2NaCl → Na2SiF6 + 2HClyes

Na2SiF6 in Industrial

Sodium fluorosilicate  used in  Water fluoridation,  Additives in cement, Opal glass, Other fluoride chemical, Production in detergent  , Manufacturing enamels, Manufacturing coated papers, Wood preservative, Foam production.

You can download specification Sodium fluorosilicate, Na2SiF6 as below:

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