Methanol Value-Chain Completion in Assaluyeh

 Methanol Value-Chain Completion in Assaluyeh 

The CEO of Energy Sepehr Holding Company said the firm was planning to launch projects that would complete methanol production value chain in Phase II of Assaluyeh, southern Iran.

According to the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) said plans were underway to complete the value-chain of methanol production in the area.

Sabalan Methanol Project had gained 80 percent progress and Dena Methanol Project was 60% complete while Siraf Methanol Project was 40 percent complete. The holding company had stepped in the petrochemical sector in order to develop the industry. Sabalan project is being developed for 1,650 million ton per year of production capacity in Phase II of Assaluyeh, southern Iran.

The produced methanol would be exported and its production value-chain would be complete afterwards.

Siraf methanol project will supply the same amount in Dayyer County, southern Iran. Dena project, operating with the same production capacity, is being launched in Phase II of Assaluyeh.

According to the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) ,Marjan Petrochemical Company was seriously focused on tapping domestic capabilities in the sector, adding that the sanctions had prompted the company to minimize their dependency on foreigners and exploit Iranian potentialities.
 The company had formed a research group for carrying out studies on downstream methanol production and completion of the value chain of the item in order for production of value-added products.

Marjan Petrochemical Company 's plant was operating at 80 percent of its nameplate capacity and was expected to operate at full tilt by the end of the current calendar year to March 20, 2020.

Marjan Petrochemical Company  was in talks with the Petrochemical Research and Technology Company (PRTC) for the supply of catalysts for methanol production.

Methanol in Kaveh Plant

Among petrochemical projects ready to come online, Kaveh Methanol Petrochemical Plant is the most outstanding. First and foremost, it is under construction by the private sector. Second, it has capacity to produce 7,000 tonnes a day of methanol – which is the largest amount in the world. Therefore, most equipment fitted in this plant is being used for the first time.

The Kaveh plant is located on a large piece of land measuring 220 ha near the city of Dayer in Bushehr Province. Different divisions of the plant started operation in 2017 and the entire plant is now ready for operation.

Since this complex is the largest of its kind in the world, Iran hase used unique equipment in its construction. For instance, the largest reformer and synthesis reactor, the largest ATR reactor and the largest air compressor have been installed at this complex.

The largest ASU unit with a capacity of 120,000 normal cubic meters per hour, including the world’s largest air compressor and three tanks for liquefied oxygen, argon and liquefied nitrogen is installed at the Kaveh plant. Furthermore, two 50MW steam turbine power plants and a 55MW gas power plant, four water desalinators, 14 diesel-fueled generators, seven boilers, and seawater pumping station with four pumps have been used at this complex. The seawater cooling tower system at the Kaveh methanol plant is the first of kind in Iran. It has four cells with different performance. They were purchased with 24 fans with a capacity of 80,000 tonnes per hour the largest synthesis reactor weighing 1,250 tonnes from Italy. There was initially no crane in Iran to install the purchased materials. This crane was designed and built at the Kaveh Industrial Group. Furthermore, a jetty was built for importing and exporting solid products and another one for carrying liquids and methanol from this plant.Another outstanding feature of the Kaveh petrochemical plant is its equipment with the largest reformer unit in the world. This unit converts natural gas to synthesis gas.

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