Strategic Catalysts until 2021

Strategic Catalysts until 2021

Processing natural gas into petrochemicals has become highly important, given that Iran sits on huge natural gas reserves and in view of the difficulty involved in exporting natural gas on one hand, and the need to create added value on the other.

PRTC had been operating about methanol catalysts for over a decade.This company was now capable of producing key catalysts used for production of petrochemical products, adding.The produced catalysts had been certified by two international organization and their quality had been guaranteed.

PRTC signed a contract with Sabalan Petrochemical Company for supplying domestically produced catalysts for methanol production.

As a high value-added product, Methanol is used as a raw material in many downstream and upstream industries.

Iran’s methanol production capacity stands at over five million tons per year. The figure is expected to reach 15.6 million tons by 2021.

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