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Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin is used in various industries such as adhesive production, flooring, composite components, marine coatings, corrosion protection coatings, glass fiber reinforced containers and artificial stones.Epoxy is called a chemical group in which there is an oxygen atom with two other carbon atoms that are interconnected in some way.Epoxy resin is a polymer.

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Application for Epoxy resin

Epoxy resin is a family of monomeric or oligomer material that can be further reacted to form thermoset polymers possessing a high degree of chemical and solvent resistance, outstanding adhesion to a broad range of substrates, a low order of shrinkage on cure, impact resistance, flexibility, and good electrical properties.

Epoxy resin is used in build strong molds

Manufacture of jewelry use epoxy resin

Insulating and crafting craft

Insulation electrical parts used epoxy resin

Lamination in the composite and fiberglass industries

Floor coverings (place floor, factories, playgrounds, places for health and medicine manufacturing)

Epoxy resin is used as raw materials in paints, adhesives, resin paints, sealants, and sealer.

Properties of Epoxy resin

Epoxy resin is the electrical insulation, excellent electrical insulation properties

Epoxy resin is a good resistance to chemicals (acids, bases, fats).

Epoxy resin is very good resistance to water and moisture.

Volume Shrinkage (Low Shrinkage) in Cooking Processes Compared to Polyester Resins

Low sensitivity to ambient temperature during cooking.

Epoxy resin is resistant to mechanical stress and thermal stress.

Very high tensile, compressive, and flexural strengths.

 Excellent chemical resistance, particularly to alkaline environments, outstanding adhesion.

Superior fatigue strength.

Disadvantages and advantage Epoxy resin

Advantage of epoxy resin: Epoxy resin contains a variety of polar groups and active epoxy groups, and thus with the metal, glass, cement, wood, plastic and other polar materials, especially the high surface activity of the material has a strong of the adhesive force. Epoxy resin with a variety of organic (monomer, resin, rubber) and inorganic (such as filler, etc.) has a good compatibility and reactivity. Epoxy resin has good corrosion resistance and dielectric properties.  Epoxy resin is general-purpose epoxy resin, curing agent and additives of the origin.

Disadvantages of epoxy resin: The resin can yellow if exposed to excessive sunlight. Our resin has been improved to resist yellowing from UV light and if kept out of direct sunlight the yellowing will be reduced.

Storage of epoxy resin

To gain the maximum shelf life of epoxy resins note the following: Store most epoxy resins in well-capped containers, in the range of 18 - 40°C Store out of contact with moisture to avoid hydrolysis to a free acid, which contributes to the spoiling of embedding materials.

Store in tightly closed container in cool, well-ventilated area.

Epoxy resin needs to be stored in tightly sealed containers. Epoxy resin must be stored in a dry environment where temperatures are never close to freezing. Epoxy resin is very temperature sensitive.

You need to make sure to wash any clothes that have come in contact with the epoxy resin and to shower if needs be. Epoxy resin is a strong material with as many sensitive qualities as it has potent characteristics. However, when handled appropriately, epoxy is a very handy and valuable material.

Epoxy resin packing:

You can buy epoxy resin in 25 KG bag when that is solid.

You can buy epoxy resin in 220 liter barrel when that is liquid.

Precautions for safe handling for work with Epoxy resin

Use only with adequate mechanical ventilation. Use impervious gloves, safety goggles. If respiratory protections are needed, use an approved chemical respirator. Wear protective clothing. A safety shower and eye wash should be available in the work place.

Epoxy resin may be an irritant on skin contact, be harmful if swallowed or inhaled and a sensitizer on skin contact.

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