MSDS acid sulfonic, MSDS LABSA

MSDS acid sulfonic, MSDS LABSA

MSDS acid sulfonic, MSDS LABSA is important when you want to buy acid sulfonic, MSDS acid sulfonic, MSDS LABSA is necessary when you want to carry acid sulfonic. You know that if your customers request the acid sulfonic for sample, at the first, each carrier will want to send MSDS acid sulfonic, MSDS LABSA.

Material Safety Data Sheet Acid Sulfonic for carrier

Carrier will want to send Material Safety Data Sheet Acid Sulfonic, because when you want to send sample for your customer whit airplane, the safety and dangerous goods is an important item.

Because for example some of product may be explode in high pressure or high temperature. If your sample is be liquid or gas, it will be difficult .you know that because Acid Sulfonic may be fall and damaged another goods. When you show Material Safety Data Sheet Acid Sulfonic to carrier, they say that you must use wood box for Acid Sulfonic. Do you know the reason?

Information about Material Safety Data Sheet Acid Sulfonic

Some information about Material Safety Data Sheet Acid Sulfonic that you can find in Material Safety Data Sheet:

1. Product    Sulfonic Acid

2. Hazards Identification

   Emergency overview: DANGER

   Potential health effects: Corrosive. Causes skin and eye burns. Harmful if swallowed.

   Eyes: Causes eye burns. Risk of serious damage to eyes. Do not get this material in contact with eyes.

   Skin: Causes skin burns. Do not get this material in contact with skin.

   Inhalation: Causes burns. Prolonged inhalation may be harmful.

   Ingestion does not breathe dust/fume/gas/mist/vapors/spray.

   May be harmful if swallowed. Components of the product may be absorbed into the body by ingestion. Ingestion may produce burns to the lips, oral cavity, upper airway, esophagus and possibly the digestive tract. Do not ingest.

3.  Composition / Information on Ingredients

Components                                        Percent

Alkyl(C10-16)benzene sulfonic acid          >= 96

Sulfuric acid                                             0 – 2

Alkyl(C10-16)benzene                                0 – 2

4.  First Aid Measures, Sulfonic Acid  

5.  Fire Fighting Measures, Sulfonic Acid

6.  Accidental Release Measures, Sulfonic Acid

7.  Handling and Storage, Sulfonic Acid

8.  Exposure Controls / Personal Protection

9.  Physical & Chemical Properties

10. Stability & Reactivity, LABSA

11. Toxicological Information

12. Ecological Information

13. Disposal Considerations

14. Regulatory Information, labsa

15. Other information about Sulfonic Acid


MSDS LABSA, material safety data sheet sulfonic acid, if you need the information about material safety data sheet LABSA, you can find it in MSDS sulfonic acid, and you can follow as below information in MSDS LABSA:

Substance LABSA

Composition /information on ingredients LABSA

Hazardous impurities LABSA

Hazard identification sulfonic acid

First aid measures sulfonic acid

Fire fight measures sulfonic acid

Accidental spill measures LABSA

Handling and storage LABSA

Exposure controls /personal protection

Physical and chemical properties LABSA

Stability and reactivity LABSA

Toxicology information

Ecological information about sulfonic acid

Disposable consideration sulfonic acid

Transport information LABSA

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