What is Acid Slurry?

What is Acid Slurry?

Acid slurry is the local trade name for LABSA. Acid slurry or alkyl benzene sulphonate is prepared by the sulphonation of Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB) with a suitable sulphonation agent. Acid slurry is extensively used for the manufacture of detergent powder and washing soap. Acid slurry is prepared by the sulphonation of LAB with sulphuric acid/ SO3 gas.

Synthetic detergents developed in 20 th century and replaced washing compounds – soaps made traditionally from oils, fats and caustic soda. As soaps possess lesser washing characteristics in hard water than synthetic detergents, synthetic washing compounds have captured a significant market today. Synthetic detergents are not only used as cleaning materials but also have multiple industrial applications.

Acid slurry

Acid slurry refers to linear alkyl benzene sulphonic acid. Acid slurry is a highly active matter that is readily miscible with water and contains a low salt content. Acid slurry is also widely used in many formulations. Acid slurry is widely used in the manufacture of synthetic washing detergent powders and liquids.

Grades of acid slurry

Manufacture various grades of acid slurry formulated for specific end uses. The top grade of acid slurry is 96% strength and is a very light colored product, suitable for white and colored detergent powders and liquids. It also provides brilliance to colored detergent powders, liquids, and cakes. Lower grades of acid slurry are formulated for use in liquid detergents based on quality, price, and color of liquid detergents.

Hs code acid slurry

When you export acid slurry, You need to ensure compliance to international trade regulations. Then, you must pay great attention to details and acquire knowledge about custom tariffs, certificates, licenses and various documents. One such details that you will have surely encountered here and there is the HS Code. For example your importers might have asked you to enter your products’ HS Code on the invoice or certificate of origin.

Acid slurry Hs code, Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid Hs code, LABSA Hs code:       34021190

Application of acid slurry

Acid slurry or alkyl benzene sulphonate is prepared by sulphonation of Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB) with a suitable sulphonation agent. Acid slurry also known as Dodecyl Benzene Sulphoric Acid is extensively used for the manufacture of detergent powder and washing soap. Acid slurry is prepared by sulphonation of dodecylx benzene with sulphuric acid. There are two processes for the manufacture of acid slurry-continuous and batch.  For small scale plants, the batch process is more appropriate and it is more economical.  Acid slurry, labsa is extensively used in manufacture of synthetic washing detergent powders, cakes and liquids. It is widely used in the detergent industry as it is very cost effective and outstanding performance. Acid slurry is the most suitable chemical in the preparation of Liquid detergents as it is low in salt content and can easily dissolve in water. It is most important raw material for producing anionic surfactants.

Specification acid slurry :

Free LAB

1.5% (% w/w)

Organic Content

Linear Alkyl Benzene

Free Acid and moisture

8% (% w/w)


High viscous transparent brown colored liquid

Active matter as LABSA

90 +/- 1% (% w/w)

Commercial Name

Acid Slurry

Chemical Formulae

CH3 (CH2)11C6H4SO3H


Detergent Tablets , Detergent Powder, Detergent Liquid, Detergent Bars, Detergent Cakes

Packaging Type

Barrels , Carboys, Tankers

Packaging Size

50Kgs or 220 Kgs

Purity (%)


ShinaDT Co with the assistance of  skilled team  offer an excellent quality Acid Slurry ,Labsa, that is commercially used as important component in formulation of detergent. Acid slurry is processed by utilizing quality approved chemical substances under the supervision of our deft professionals. our clients can purchase this acid slurry, labsa in various packaging options at affordable prices.

Advantages acid slurry ,labsa

Cost effective, anionic surfactant.
Acid slurry is Biodegradable.
Due to its stable foam, suitable for detergent applications in combination with other surfactants.
Compatible with enzymes and builders.
Outstanding performance with other anionic surfactants due to its synergistic effect.
Consumes less alkali for neutralisation.
 Acid slurry is suitable for liquid detergent application .

How do we neutralize acid slurry?

The acid slurry is neutralized by a slow addition of caustic soda solution till it is neutralized. The PH of the solution is maintained and acid slurry is taken in plastic containers. Then known quantity of urea is added and kept for settling. Small quantity of perfume is added to liquid detergent before packing.

Reaction of acid slurry and soda ash

LABSA, acid slurry, alkyl benzene sulphonate reacts with sodash to give the product of sodium salts of labsa and CO2 evolved and water in moisture content.

Msds acid slurry

if you need the msds acid slurry , you can download it as below :

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