Why has the price of sulfonic acid increase ?

Why has the price of sulfonic acid increase?

One factor in the increasing of chemical, sulfonic acid and LABSA price is the situation of the dollar. Dollar increase so much from since months ago in Iran. The prices for polymer and chemical, LABSA price and sulfonic acid price products have risen sharply from February.

 The observation of the price of products in the local markets suggests that some of the grades have been increasing trend and some of them have been decrease. But the overall picture of these markets is indicative of an increasing price for polymer products and Labsa and acid sulfonic in this market

Seasonal request of increase price of Labsa and acid sulphonic

Other factors of rising prices for chemical products, LABSA price and sulfonic acid in these markets are seasonal request and request for detergent. The historical record of the production of the petrochemical industry shows that in the first  spring, we are always see that the request for polymer products will be increase , in fact  two reason ,request in  market and the lack of supply in the market so the increase in price on this market.

Overhaul in Petrochemicals

The overhauls of petrochemicals are one of the reasons why the price of some products in this market is high. The reason is that with the overhaul of these petrochemicals, the request is increase naturally, and it is a factor that the suppliers of the free market offer products with higher prices and a margin of profit.

The price of Labsa and acid sulphonic increase globally

The price of oil, LABSA of price followed by increasing price of naphtha globally. Because the naphtha use as a feed of some of the polymeric products. These products are among other factors affecting the price of the product base. Meanwhile, the observation of the black gold market show an increase in the price of this strategic product and chemical product same as LABSA and sulfonic acid.

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