World Consumption of Sulfonic Acid

World Consumption of Sulfonic Acid

The pattern of use of sulfonic acid (linear sultanate acetylene) , sulfonic acid shows that the use of liquid detergents is more usual in North America, actually  powdery detergents are still more popular in Western Europe, Japan and China. 82 to 87 percent of LABSA is used in the world to produce homemade cleaners, washing powder, dishwashing liquid and other household cleaners.

World used LABSA

LABSA is also used as an emulsifying agent in herbicides, polymerization processes, and a moisten agent. Between 2000 and 2011 year, due to many advances in North America and industrial use the enzymes instead of sulfonic acid (linear alkyl sulfonate), in fact demand for LABSA was be declined. However, LABSA is used in the advanced countries less and less, but LABSA is needed the other country same as the Middle East, Africa, China and Asia, and the Used of countries has increase for LABSA, linear alkyl sulfonic. Since 2017, half of the world's demand has come from the same sectors.

The data from the global supply and demand for this LABSA,sulfonic acid shows that the market is still booming due to the popularity of powdered detergents in Asian countries

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